Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Been a While

Hi!  Sorry I have not had much of  chance to write for a while.  It has been really crazy for me recently.  Work with the datacenter project in full swing has given me very little time to do much of anything.  The project has been very wearing on me and has not gone exactly as I would have liked it to.  I felt a bit uninvolved throughout the whole thing and that along with some other things has been putting me down a bit recently.  But I am over that now (or at least as much as I am going to be over it) and want to give some updates:

  • I was recently able to check off one of my Dutch goals.  I made it through 5 store while shopping only speaking in Dutch.  I was really excited about it but then the 6th store brought me right back down.  I ask a question in Dutch and was answered in English.  This just really killed the whole good feeling that I was having that day.  But looking back on it, I am still considering this a success.
  • I met Nate Green last week.  He is a blogger that I have been following for a while and he was taking a trip to Europe for a month.  He asked on his blog who lives in Europe and wanted to meet up.  I commented saying that I would.  It was pretty cool, I felt like I already knew him from reading his blog.  I even made it in his blog from the one place we had some beers.
  • I've been in Europe for over six months!!  Another post will be coming with reflections on this.
  • I've started stressing about Dutch again.  I feel like I know so much now especially with all the Americans from work who have been visiting that have been telling me so and from me teaching them things.  But, even with all of this, I still cannot function in a normal conversation and it is really starting to get with me.  I feel like I know a lot but when it comes down to it, I really don't and it's just so frustrating.  I really do need a break from all this and am really really looking forward to my trip home in December for two weeks where I will be surrounded by everything ENGLISH!  I am hoping to come back with a renewed desire for Holland and Dutch.
  • I bought a iMac today.  I am really happy :-)
  • I am really looking forward to Erin coming in a couple weeks.
  • Ate at Sumo with Alena for the first time on Tuesday without Uitbuiken!!
Life has been pretty blaaah right now with work, the Dutch language, and (believe it or not) a little bit of a feeling of home sickness.  I know I will overcome it, and have pretty much for the most part, but...I don't know...
Hope all is well with everyone.  Give me a call and let me know how YOU are doing.  I would love to hear from people back home.  I like getting calls from the US and wish `i would get them more often.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick: Sorry i missed you yesterday. Mom said she just logged off when I came in. Keep your chin up, I know everything will turn out good for you. We can't wait for you to come home for Christmas. I got the tickets to the hockey game the other day and Mark said he will have passes for us to go to the box to get something to eat. Talked to you soon. Love Dad