Monday, October 25, 2010

Holy Shit, I got a Car!

Well here it is, a 2000 Peugeot 206.  On Friday Wouter gave me a website so I took a look Friday night and found a car that looked good in Haarlem so I thought I would go take a look.  I got there and ended up liking the car and wanted to take it for a test drive.  Their website said test drives were no problem.  When I asked they got all upset and were like well...we just cleaned the car and it is rainy outside.  Can you come back next week?  WTF??!!  I was pissed.  So I said look I like the car and I am not coming back later next week, I might want to buy the car but there is no way I am going to do that without driving it first.  So they guy said OK and let me drive it.  It drove pretty well so I bought it.  Man is buying a car here easy, there is almost no paper work and there are no hidden fees, the price that is on the sign is the price you pay, tax included and everything.  Very nice way to sell cars.

Today I got the insurance and parking permit and picked it up today after transferring the title at the post office.  Now it is all mine and I finally am one step closer to feeling like I belong here.  The next and last step won't be so easy...Dutch!  :)


Brad said...

Awesome car, Nick!

Anonymous said...


How does that compare to the '99 Saturn?