Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Space Brownie Day

Sunday I made space brownies, and these ones worked way better than the ones we bought at Bulldog cafĂ©.  The process was pretty easy.

  1. Buy weed
  2. Cook the weed in butter
  3. Strain the weed out of the butter (you now have weed butter)
  4. Make brownies as normal substituting weed butter for regular butter.
I was not sure if it was going to work because everyone said the butter was supposed to turn green mine did not.  The whole apartment did smell like a stoner's paradise though... And the butter smelled and tasted like weed as did the brownie batter when it was done.

I cooked the brownies and they were ready for everyone.  I decided I would eat two since nothing happened the last time we tired.

So we ate our brownies and had some coffee and then hung out for a while.  They were actually pretty good!  Everyone was like "ya I kinda feel something."  I thought I was feeling a little something after 15-20 minutes, but I also thought it could have been the placebo effect.  Then after about one hour, BAM, it hit me really fast!  I immediately knew they worked this time.  Then it hit some others as well.

I should have only eaten maybe 1 1/2 because I kept wandering if things were really happening or if I was just imagining them...it was really strange.  We would talk about something and literally right when we were done talking I would say, "Where we just talking about ___ or did I imagine that?"  So next time I know definitely not 2! Not that this is going to be something I do all the time, but hey, you gotta try it right?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good God, you're turning into a pothead over there! I guess the Nederlanders never "just say no". And what a way to ruin a perfectly good brownie!

Aunt Chris

P.S.: I didn't really write this message--you're just imagining it.