Monday, September 20, 2010


Maybe I am getting a bit too aggressive on my bike now like all of the visiting Americans at work are saying about Dutch bikers.  Today I was riding to the library to return some books and in order to get to the library, you have to turn into a small passageway shown above.  I just turned the corner quickly as usual but this time there was someone else there on a bike coming out!  I slammed on the brakes and started wobbling.  I blurted out "pardon," and then fell to the ground scrapping the hell out of both legs (I was wearing shorts since the gym was my next stop.)  The girl was just looking at me like I was crazy then asked me if I was okay, I just mumbled "het is goed" and stumbled away.  Man that was embarrassing...

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Anonymous said...


You had a golden opportunity to get to know a Dutch girl and blew it. Take advantage next time and turn the negative into a positive.

Your uncle