Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holiday in Tenerife

I'm Back!

Sorry to all of those who missed me, but I was having some fun in the sun and had very little time for blogging.

I last left you feeling terrible about Lowlands, Tenerife briefly started out bad, but I blame Lowlands.  The plane we took there was a charter plane from Amsterdam to Tenerife so everything was in Dutch.  At that point I had had enough with Dutch and was so pissed off every time I heard someone speak.  I convinced myself that I did not know anything they were saying.  When we landed I felt a bit better but still not great.  That night, Dutch was still on my mind, but luckily by the next day I was in vacation mode and forgot all about my bad experience.

The first day there was my first PADI lesson at Tenerife Dive.  Erik and Kris came along with me so they could do the review class since they haven't dove in a while.  The first day we were all in the pool.  I was suited up and ready to go.  Everything was going well with putting my face in the water and breathing though the regulator but then we were all had to sit on the bottom of the sallow end while breathing through the regulator and I was not liking it.  I did not panic or flip out but "this is not for me" kept running through my mind.  Then after about 1 or two minutes under the water I was fine!  I had to do a bunch skills that day in the pool and was able to do most of them with no problem.
The next day I went back on my own to go into the ocean for the first time and work on some more skills.  It was really cool being underwater in the ocean while looking at fish and volcanic rock formations.  When I got back to the dive center I had to take the written tests and I passed, but I was still not certified yet.
On our third day, I went back for my final day of training with Erik and Kris (who just dove.)  That day I got to see some huge rays which was really cool and by the end of the day, I was a certified open water diver!  I can now dive without an instructor pretty much anywhere in the world up to 18 meters underwater.

Friday I got to sleep in!!  We were all planning on having a relaxing day at a remote beach.  We got in the car, got out the map, and started driving.  We found a beach that looked pretty remote so we decided to go there.  We had to drive through these crazy mountain roads with twists and turns and huge drop-offs, this picture does not even do the roads justice.  It was very cool though with all of the sites along the way.  When we got to a certain point a road that was labeled on the map turned out to be a hiking trail.  There was a warning label saying that the hike would take three hours.  We said "fuck it, three hours?, that's for old people!"  All we had with us were our board shorts, flip flops, and about 1//2 liter water each.  The hike down was about 700 meters down over mountainous terrain.  The hike down was really nice, so much to see.  We ended up making it to the beach in two hours, take that three hour sign!  The beach was small but nice, it was a secluded black sand beach.  The only problem was, there were a ton of people who brought their boats to the beach!  We were pissed and felt like they cheated.  We hung out at the beach for not even an hour because we knew the hike up would be much longer.  We were already getting thirsty and of course there was no where to buy anything.  The climb up was terrible.  We were stopping every 15 minutes and eventually we had to stop every 5 steps (literally.)  We were so dehydrated.  I was probably the worst out of the group.  I never had the feeling in my body before where I could physically not walk.  When we finally made it to the top two hours and 45 minutes later, Erik went ahead to get water.  I could see him with the water and he was literally steps ahead of me but I had to sit in the middle of the road to build up energy to make it there.  Scary feeling and I'm so glad that's over.  Needless to say, we did not go out this night!

Saturday we finally did relax all day and it was great.

Sunday, Kris and I got massages.  It was soooo nice and much needed.

Monday we drove up to the volcano.  It is amazing how much the temperature changes and how all of the plant life changes as well.  When we got to the cable car that goes to the top we ended up not riding it because it was way too expensive.  But I did not mind, we saw some pretty cool sites along the way anyway.  After that we drove to Santa Cruz and were not impressed so we did not stay.

Tuesday we did some off road quading but it ended up being so intense and not fun that we cut it short.  There were no real open areas to go fast and the terrain was so dry and rocky that there was dust everywhere.

Wednesday we did two final dives.  On the first dive, we saw a big school of fish which was cool, but on the second dive I got to touch sting rays and a turtle!

Thursday was another day of relaxing and Friday we came home.

I had a great time on this holiday.  It was the first time that I got to take a real vacation (one at least a week long) in a very long time.  This was also the longest vacation I've ever been on (thanks European vacation time!)  Thanks Erik and Kris for an awesome and much needed holiday.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had such a great holiday and that you finally got to relax. Although, after that hike experience, I would have needed more than just a massage!! So happy to hear that you are alive and well.Congrats on being certified. XO MOM

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