Friday, August 13, 2010

To Notebook or not to Notebook

Last night I decided to read through my entire Dutch-->English notebook that I've been keeping since 20 July.  I do review the notebook in part most nights and sometimes read through the whole thing.  Last night when I read through it, I realized I am not really learning the words/phrases in it as good as I thought I was.  Yes I remember some, but most I do not.  So now I am wandering is it worth it to still carry this thing around with me everywhere I go?  Maybe I am using it wrong?  Any ideas?  I like the idea of the notebook and I feel like in the beginning it was a big help, but now with almost a months worth of information in it, it is a bit overwhelming...

Some of you told me you use notebooks.  How exactly do you use them and then, how do you review the information in?

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