Sunday, August 8, 2010

On a Better Note

So after going to bed early on Friday night, I felt much better again on Saturday.  I even started (attempting) to speak Dutch again!

This weekend was also Gay Pride weekend in Amsterdam.  No I am not gay, but this is one of the biggest events in Amsterdam.  Everyone goes, gay and straight.  It is basically a big party with lots of drinking like Queen's Day.  It was a shame though because it was raining a lot.  We stopped and saw the parade (in the canals) for about 2 minutes then it started to rain.  We ended up just going to a cafĂ© and drinking beer all day.  The Frenchies brought their friend from PPG Amsterdam who was Dutch and he told me that he was impressed with the amount that I know already.  It is nice to hear when others (especially Dutch people) say that I am doing good and making progress.  I just wish I could see it more myself.  But a complement is a complement so I was happy.  That night Kris and I watch a really stupid movie in Cantonese called "The Killer."  They movie was basically about killing people, but there were always these crazy Asian guys in totally white jumpsuits busting out of cars all over the place.  Really funny!

Today, I didn't do too much, helped Kris with his house and played Snooker at Level 1tonight.

I am happy to be feeling better and am glad the weekend came when it did.  But for right now I need to go study some Dutch to make up for my boycott on Friday.

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