Monday, August 9, 2010

Learning to Read all over Again!

Today I finally joined the library in Haarlem.  And so continues my quest to learn Dutch.  The strange thing about the libraries in the Netherlands is you have to pay!  It is cheap, but still strange.  I am used to the Carnegie Library which has been "Free to the People since 1895."  Haha.  Anyways, the lady was nice and ended up giving me a €10 discount since they were having a membership shortage and it only cost me €21 for a whole year, and if it ends up really helping me to learn Dutch then it will be worth every "penny" (Euro cent!) Hahaha!  On a good note, I filled out the entire form (it was pretty short) that was all in Dutch on my own.

I ended up getting a bunch of children's books because that is pretty much what my level is right now.  I'm really hoping that I will be able to progress through these ones pretty fast.  It should be interesting though, I got Dr. Seuss, Donald Duck, and some other random one.  I also got a comic about the Netherlands that is not for children.

Today I also came up with a:
New Goal
Get a haircut (and talk to the person cutting my hair) without using English.

Yes, this is a pretty ambitious goal, and I realize that I will not be getting there any time soon, but I think it will be a good test and it something to strive for.  Until then, I though it would be good to come up with a list of lesser goals so that I can at least see that I am making progress because (as you all know) I never think that I am making any progress.  Please check out my Dutch Goals List and let me know if you have any other milestones that would be good to add and I will add them.  These are just a few I came up with right now.

So, here is hoping this library membership is going to be a step in the right direction.  I want to try to read at lest one children's book per day until that becomes too easy and then I will take it to the next step from there.  As always, thanks for your support and comments, it really does make a difference when I see that you all are behind me in this.  And Aunt Chris, I'm still trying for the Prince Charles suggestion that you gave me, that would definitely be the best learning solution I think!  ;-)

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Brad said...

How do you say "How 'bout them Stillers" in Dutch?