Monday, July 19, 2010

Trying to Assimilate

 Well, today was the day that I picked to start speaking all Dutch at work.  I know it was going to be hard, but man, it was really bad.  I feel like when I am saying things around other people, I forget works and I do not pronounce then correctly either.  It's not like I do everything perfect at home while I am practicing, but I really feel that I am better when I am home.

There are just so many questions I have like:

  • How do you know the placement of words?  It seams so random to me, verbs, nouns, and adjectives are always in different places and there never seems to be a reason.  It's like sentences are randomly jumbled around.  I can understand what the order means when others say it, but I can never re-create the proper order.
  • What is the difference between is and wordt?
  • Why do words have so many different meanings?
  • Why so the same things have so many different words?
  • Why are the teachings of Rosetta Stone and language in the real world so different?
  • And I think most importantly, why do I feel like I did not absorb anything today?  I was not planning on learning a lot, but I though I would at least learn one or two things.
    • Actually, I did learn some things, but forgot them almost right after learning them
Now I knew it was going to be bad, so I am not going to complain, (these are serious questions above.)  I am going to continue speaking Dutch (if you can even call what I am speaking Dutch!!) all day for at least the rest of the week.  After this week I am going to evaluate what I have learned against the stress that it caused me and see how I will proceed.  I can say that no matter what I am going to try to use more Dutch from now on, I just don't know if I'm going to try to do it all day anymore after this week.

One good thing at least is that I've received some positive comments from the people at work and even though I don't see much progress, it's nice to know that some people think I am getting somewhere.  I also want to give a lot of props to everyone at work so far.  They all seam to be happy that I am trying to learn Dutch and are willing to put up with me trying to speak and understand it.  I am grateful for that because so far nothing else is working.  I hope I don't end up annoying them too much.

For right now, there is a long long road ahead of me, but I am looking down that road with optimism.  Although it does not seam like it, I think I will be able to do it.  The only question is, how long will it take?  Honestly,if I can get to the point where I can have a meaningful two minute conversation with someone I will be pretty happy.  I think once I get to that point I will have a lot easier time learning the rest.

If anyone has any tips for me about learning anything language, things that worked for you, please let me know.  I am really devoting a lot of time and energy to this and welcome any other ideas that might help.

Thanks for listening to yet another Dutch language post.  ;-)

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