Monday, July 26, 2010

Ready for the Canary Islands

This weekend was pretty chilly, 19° (~66° F.)  Got me to thinking about holiday and how awesome it is going to be.  We finally booked last weekend.  It was a bit of a process to find something that was in a good location for a good price but we found it.  We will staying on Tenerife which is the largest island in the chain.  Our hotel is in Playa de las Américas which is the main section for going out and everything else.  I'm also studying to get certified in scuba while we are there.  There is more to it that you'd think.  I have a 250ish page book to read that I will be tested on when I get there, then I have to spend a day in a pool and two days in the ocean.  I think it will be worth it though, I'm looking forward to it for sure.

Also, I can't believe how close to Africa I am going to be.  The Canary Islands are a part of Spain but are right off of the coast of Morocco.  One of these days I will hopefully make it to Africa maybe for a Safari or something.  But right now I am looking forward to the beach, relaxing, scuba, surfing (Kris says he will show me,) hiking, partying, and just having a hell of a good time without thinking about PPG or hearing everyone speak in Dutch!  :-)

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