Monday, July 12, 2010

Last Days in London

Saturday was my last full day in London and the best part was class was over so no sitting in a classroom from 9-7!  I started out early because I wanted to get as much in as I could.  I took the Underground to Piccadilly Circus to go get my ticket for The Original London Sightseeing Tour on one of those big double decker open top busses.  The tour was nice and I was able to see a lot of sights and learn a lot of interesting facts.  For example, did you know that the "City of London" is only one square mile and that a lot "London" is actually the "City of Westminster."  One the tour I saw:

  • Big Ben
  • Parliament
  • London Bridge
  • Tower Bridge
  • The Tower of London
  • Buckingham Palace
and many other cool sites.

After the tour I decided to check out Harrod's.  I thought Macy*s Harold Square in New York was amazing, but this place was crazy.  It was like a giant maze and the architecture and detail were pretty nice.  After Harrod's I went back to Piccadilly Circus and walked up Regent Street and around on Oxford Street to do some shopping.  They were having major sales so I got some good deals even considering that I was paying in Pounds not Euros.

After walking around the city pretty much all day, I decided to have some Mexican for dinner.  I had two huge chimichangas and two big margaritas.  It was great!  I haven't had decent Mexican is so long.

I got back to the hotel early because I was dead tired.  For some reason I decided I better check on what time the Underground opened on Sundays.  To my surprise, it was not until 7:00!  This was way too late for me to take the hour long ride to Heathrow!  I this point I was like O shit!  A cab to the airport cost about £100!  At this point I was wide awake because I didn't know what to do.  After some investigation, I found out I could take a bus to Paddington Station and get a train from there.  The busses ran all night and the first train to Heathrow was at 6:12.  I thought this might be cutting it close but I decided to try that in the morning.  The only problem was, I got rid of all of my cash so I did not have to exchange it, all I had left was 10p (10 pence.)  On top of being worried about the plane, it was so hot in my room that night I could not go to sleep, I did not dose off until around 1 and I woke up to catch the bus at 4:45!

The next day, I woke up, had to get to an ATM to get money for the bus and luckily the one I found let me take out only £10.  When the bus came, the driver said he does not give change.  I was about to just tell him to take all £10 but before I could, he just waved me in for free!!  Wow, I could not believe that.  We got to Paddington a little early which was good because it took me a little while to get the Heathrow Connect ticket to the airport.  Of course the train was late which got me stressing even more.  There were a bunch og Heathrow Express trains departing but those were ridiculously expensive.  Finally, my train came and I made it to the airport on time.  I ended up buying an orange juice for the exact amount of cash that I had left, perfect!

I was finally on my way back to Holland to see the final game of the World Cup in Amsterdam.  More on that next time.


Brad said...

Is london really your best bet for good mexican food? I can't believe that there aren't any places in the Netherlands to get a good margarita.

Nick said...

Dude, Holland's idea of Mexican is pitiful.

Brad said...

That's sad :( How's Dutch food?

Nick said...

Not bad for some things, so-so for others.