Sunday, June 6, 2010


Yesterday it was finally warm enough to go to the beach in Holland when I was not at work.  I road my bike from my place to Zandvoort which is a beach resort town on the North Sea.  It was a nice ride along the N200 through the Zuid Kennemerland national park and took about 20-25 minutes.  The beach itself is nice, it has soft sand (unlike Barcelona which was coarse) and was easy to get to.

The town of Zandvoot is nice.  There are a bunch of shops, caf├ęs, and restaurants and actually has a hill!  The hill is of course man made to stop water from coming into town in case there is a big storm.  I really like the way the town is setup too.  It is very nice to walk through and you are never far away from the beach.  The main part of town literally starts as soon as the beach ends.

One other good thing with the beach being so close is that I can easily go after work on nice days.  I haven't had the chance to do this yet because there were not many warm days yet, but I decently plan on doing it when it is.  It stays light here until about 22h30 and from what I hear until 23h00 by the end of June.  So I will easily have enough time to go to the beach, stay for a while, and come back before it's dark.  It is really crazy having it light so late.  I like it but sometimes it messes me up.  I will be sitting here at home doing something and then all of a sudden realize that it's 22h15!

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