Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Car to Buy??

So, I transfered the money that I need to buy a car (money that I made from selling my Mustang) to the Netherlands a few weeks ago.  I still have not bought a car yet.  There are a lot of choices and I am feeling overwhelmed and unsure.  This would be a hard process for me in the United States but I feel like it is ever more difficult here because I am still new to just living here, how am I supposed to know all of the rules about buying a car!

I've looked around Uithoorn for some cars during my lunch break one day with Jeroen and Sander and saw some that seemed pretty cheep, but I don't want to buy a car just based on cheepness, I want it to last and not have problems.  I am also a little nervous because I don't speak Dutch very well yet (not very well at all) and I don't want the car people to take advantage of a "stupid American."

There are other issues like how does car insurance work here? how much will the road tax be for the car I pick? how do I even pay for the car itself?

I hate making big decisions like this.  I miss having my dad around to help me with things like this.  I always felt much better when he was with me for something like this.

Lately I've been taking the bus to work and it is really making me want to rush into buying a car.  The bus ride is about 1 hour and 15 minutes and then there is a 20 minute walk to work from the bus station after that!  Jeroen reminded me that I should not just buy any car and that I should remember what happened when I rushed into buying my espresso machine (that is another story.)

I just want to get a decent car for a decent price.  I don't want or need anything fancy.  If anyone in Holland is selling or knows someone who is selling a car, please let me know :-)