Sunday, June 20, 2010

PPG Tennis Tournament

Yesterday was PPG's Grand Slam Tennis Tournament.  Even though I haven't really played tennis since gym class in high school, I signed up to play since I heard it was a lot of fun.  I joined the beginners division.  The weather was supposed to be 14 and raining the whole day, but it ended up being a little warmer and the sun even came out every now and then.

Upon arriving, we were given shirts to wear and had coffee while we got to talk and meet some people from other PPG locations.  This part was not very fun for me at first because I didn't know what people were saying and still don't like to make people talk in English just for me so I sat around frustrated for a bit.  Eventually people started to talk to me in English and that was better.

To my surprise, I found out that everyone I knew was in the intermediate division and I did not know anyone in beginners.  I wish someone would have told me this before and I would have just joined intermediate.  The beginners was okay, but I think I would have had more fun in intermediate, not to mention have people to talk to in between matches.

The day stated out with a tennis clinic where were learned the basics of tennis.  All instruction was in Dutch and I was following along okay.  As soon as the guy found out that I spoke English he switch the entire lesson to English for everyone (how embarrassing) I tried to tell him to keep going in Dutch and I understood for the most part, but like all other Dutchies, as soon as the know you speak English, forget about them speaking to you in Dutch ever again.

We then had a BBQ lunch that was pretty good while watching Holland beat Japan in the World Cup.  After lunch, we played three matches for a half hour each with a half hour break in between.  We were matched with a random person in our division for each match  and played against a random opponent each time as well.  My teams lost, won, lost.

At the end of the day, they gave out prizes for the people who got the most points and also had random prize drawings.  I won the first random prize and it was an underwater camera!  Cool, I can definitely use this on holiday when we go to the Canary Islands later this year!

The tournament was fun, I wish GO would have done these kind of things for us in Pittsburgh.

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