Thursday, June 10, 2010

Oranje is Everywhere!

Holland along with the rest of the world is getting ready for the World Cup in South Africa.  I've never been much of a voetball (soccer) fan since it is not big at all in the US but I am looking forward to watching now that I'm here.  Everything around here is all turing orange.  Every store has a section of everything orange from clothing to anything else you can think of.  Xenos (which is a store similar to Big Lots but much smaller) for example has orange boas, glasses, plates, candles, sponges, etc.  Basically anything they sell that is orange in the store is moved to one section.  Our canteen at work even has orange banners hung up all over.  The anticipation for the actual even is getting pretty big, I hope it lives up to all of this hype.

I really wanted to go to a match at Ajax Stadion in Amsterdam but I did not realize how early in the summer the season is over.  I will definitely make a trip next year though.  For now I am looking forward to watching the World Cup on TV with some Dutchies.

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