Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice

Haarlem around 10:30 PM

Today is the official start of summer and is marked by the longest day of the year.  The official sunrise and sunset in Haarlem for today was 05h19 and 22h08 respectively, but as you can see from the picture I took at 10:30 PM it is still quite light out.  Unfortunately from now on the days will be getting shorter...

Im looking forward to a lot of holidays/work trips coming up soon.  Here is what I have planned so far:
  • Barcelona (already went in May)
  • London for Cisco training
  • Canary Islands for a two week holiday with friends
  • Paris for work
  • Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest with friends
Additional trips that may happen are:
  • A long weekend in Poland
  • A weekend in Helsinki Finland
  • Definitely more day trips by train depending on where I feel like going
  • Who knows what else!
I love living in Europe and being so close to all of these really cool places, if I were to go to all of these places while still living in the United States I would be spending a fortune on airfare.  Luckily, flights within Europe are cheep and for closer destinations, the train is even cheeper.

Ik how van Holland!

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