Sunday, June 13, 2010

Biked to Amsterdam and Back

Wow, I was tired today.  I decided that I wanted to ride my bike to Amsterdam today, it is not really that far from Haarlem, less than twenty kilometers.  I took the path that runs next to the train.  There were some nice pastoral areas, animals, and water on the way.  I got mixed up about half way there because the signage is not all that great.  There are signs that show you how to get to a lot of places but sometimes you will get to an intersection with no signs at all and that makes it a little confusing.  Either way, I found my way there without much trouble and was a pretty nice ride.  After arriving in Amsterdam, I was not sure where exactly I was but knew I was close to Centrum.  I eventual found my way to areas that I knew and started to take some pictures.  The main reason for my trip in addition to just wanting to bike to Amsterdam was to take some pictures.  I haven't done this yet since being here!

I'm putting together a photo album that will be a work in progress and I will keep updating it as I go to different places throughout The Netherlands.  Here is a link if your interested in taking a look:

Holland Sites

They were having a sand football tournament in Dam today, they actually built a temporary beach there for the national sand football teams to compete.  I watched a little bit of the Hungary-Sweden match.  I LOVED having a bike in Amsterdam, this was the first time I was able to bike through the city and it really let you get from here to there very quickly.  I biked around the whole time I was there checking out different things and taking some pictures.  I did not take too many pictures because it was not the nicest day out, it was cloudy and dark for the most part.

Finally I decided to come back home.  On my way back, all that biking hit me at once and I got really tied.  I think the worst part was having to be hunched over my bike the whole time.  Since I have a mountain bike, the handlebars don't really go up any higher like the Dutch models do to make for comfortable riding.  I still need to get a bike like the other Dutchies around here have from a junkie or some other place cheep :-)  By the time I made it home, I was so tired that I plopped on the couch and didn't really move for about an hour.  It was a nice ride though and I will defiantly do it again, maybe next time though I will take a bit of a break before I ride back home.

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