Sunday, May 16, 2010

Space Cake Day

Today was space cake day.  We went to Amsterdam to try space cakes.  Everyone told us that that we should be careful and not eat much because it does not take effect until about an hour.  We walked around a while and decided to get some at The Bulldog Coffeeshop which is a like a major chain in Amsterdam and is everywhere like Starbucks in New York.  The woman that worked there was pretty crazy.  We asked her how much we should have.  She was like "Oh, you guys smoke everyday right?"  Haha!  Erik was like no, we never smoke.  She told us we should have 1/2 of one each.  When we got them, they looked just like a chocolate cupcake.  The cake itself was pretty good.

After we ate them we walked down to Vondelpark and wanted to hang out.  After the hour, no effects.  The it was an hour and 1/2, nothing.  Apparently space cakes from Bulldog are no good tourist traps!

Next time we make try to make our own.  Sorry there was not more of an exciting space cake story.

Going to the park was nice though.  It was kinda cold but we played frisbee for a while and that was cool.  Finally, we went to diner at the Tex-Mex place.  It was a big disappointment like all Mexican restaurants in Holland.  They had burritos but they were really small and did not have a main dinner size one.  We each got 2 but they were like little enchiladas.  So we were still hungry when we left.  It was okay, but defiantly not a burrito like we were hoping for.

Only a three day work week this week and then Barcelona for holiday!

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