Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Have Stuff!!

My shipment finally arrived on Monday!  I was (and still am) so excited to finally fill up my apartment.  I worked from home on Monday so I could be here when the movers were supposed to be here at 10:30.  I got a call around then from them telling me that their truck could not fit under the bridges.  I started to get upset thinking that oh no, I'm not going to get it today.  Turns out, the guys had another truck with them and just drove the smaller one over with half of my stuff and got the other half after unloading the first half.  I spent the whole day unpacking and organizing.

Yesterday and today I cooked my first real meals here and that felt really good to be able to do.  Also today I finished hanging up pictures.  I'm pretty much done except to clean everything up.  I need to buy a mop tomorrow and mop the floors and then I will be all set.

I thought I was going to be complete by this time because Online was supposed to have my Internet setup by 12 May.  Turns out that it will not be until 18 May now instead because KPN can't hook up the connection until then.  I'm really looking forward to having fast Internet again.

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