Monday, May 31, 2010

Biking Paranoia

On Saturday I bought a chain and lock for my bike.  I already have a u-lock but since I have a quick release seat and front wheel, I need something to secure them as well.

I was excited to ride my bike to the gym today but after I locked the bike up to the bike rack and then the wheel and seat to the frame, I could not stop thinking about it the whole time I was in the gym.  I thought for sure it was going to be stolen by the time I got back my relief it was not.

I guess ever since my other bike got stolen at the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland, I hate leaving my bike unattended anywhere now.  It doesn't help that all the Dutch people tell you that bikes get stolen all the time here.  The other thing is my bike doesn't really look like any of the other bikes here so it kinda sticks out.

I need to by a cheep bike from a junkie that sell them around here so I can drive that around for my day-to-day tasks and them use my good one when I want to bike just to bike and not leave it somewhere (at least for long.)  From what I understand a lot of Dutchman have to bikes like this, a good one and a crappy one from a junkie.

I'm not kidding about the junkies selling bikes either.  99% of them are probably stolen and they sell them for super cheep.  Kris and I were approached by one who tried to sell us one a little while ago.

I still really do love that biking is a legitimate part of life here.  There are business men in suits, kids riding to school, mothers with their babies, and people grocery shopping riding their bikes.  Its not abnormal for a girl to ride on the middle bar on the bike frame while the guy peddles away.  They even have entire parking garages just for bikes!  Here are some pictures:

I guess all this biking explains why almost no one is fat and a lot of the food here is fried!  America really should take a lesson.  Haha, ya right, Americans (for the most part) are lazy and they like it that way.  In the mean time, I need to get less paranoid about leaving my bike places from now on, everyone else does it...

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