Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yesterday was Liberation Day in the Netherlands, it was the day we became free from Germany.  Every five years is a public holiday and there is no work.  This year was one of the lucky years!  Turns out that the biggest music festival in the Netherlands, Bevrijdingspop, is in Haarlem.  Kris and I walked over and met up with Dirk from work and some of his friends.  Dirk looks just like Napoleon Dynamite!  No kidding!

This festival was huge, it is a 12 hour festival that runs from 12 to 12 and there was 150,000 people there.  They have three stages with all different kinds of music.  My favorite was the first one we saw, Alain Clark.

This was the symbol for the festival:

Kris and I totally thought it was something else when we first saw it.  What do you see?

It was a good time overall.  I enjoyed hearing new music and think there may be some that I want to get to have for myself.


Brad said...

Good year to move to the Netherlands. That logo looks like flaming junk.

Nick said...

Haha! Our thoughts exactly. It's actually supposed to be a torch.