Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Barcelona España

This past weekend Erik and I took a short holiday to Barcelona.  It was a cool place and was nice to finally get into some warm weather.  We go there on Thursday and just kinda walked around and went to a few bars.  We noticed that there are a lot of hipsters there, way more than in Amsterdam.  We were pretty popular when we told those people we were from Amsterdam, they would be like "no way! that is so cool man, like totally..."  Everyone was passing out bar crawl flyers to us but we decided not to go that night and collect the flyers for Friday.

Thursday we got up and went to the beach.  It was so nice to lay on the beach in the sun.  The weather was great, but the water was still freezing cold.  My legs were numb when I went in, but at least I can say that I've swam in the Mediterranean Sea.
We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant that night, it was the best Mexican I had since I came here, and the best meal we had in Spain.  After dinner, we picked Kayla the Canadian's bar crawl.  It turned out to be all guys for the most part except for this crazy girl that kept saying she was from london (and she did look like it) but sounded like a loud obnoxious American.  We at least met three cool dudes from Germany who were also on holiday and hung out with them for a while.  We were supposed to go to four bars, get a free shot at each and then to to a club and get a free drink there all for €15.  We ended up going to two dead bars and one deserted restaurant, and when we got to the club we did not get our free drinks and the beer that they served was Budweiser for €6!  People don't even drink that shit in the States!  The one thing about clubs in Barcelona is that no one goes until about 1 or 2 at night.  We go there around 1:30ish and it was dead, we were the first people in there.  Eventually a lot more people did show up.  The best part of the night is when this crazy girl named Gloria came up to Erik and just stared at her beer.  It was like nothing else was going on.  She kept reaching for it and Erik kept saying no.  Eventually he let her have some and she snatched the bottle and turned it upside down in her mouth and chugged.  He ripped the bottle off of her and she continued to stare at it and grab.  One of the German guys said "Do you even speak English?" and she would keep saying "I SPEEK ENGLISH" but she never really said anything else.  We started calling her Gloria the sniffster.

Saturday we went to the beach again for the day.  At night we just went to some bars on our own and that was perfectly fine.  We met some people form Chicago at the one bar and talked to them for a little while.

Sunday we climbed Mt. Montjuïc and did not take the cable car.  It was a long climb but there were great views of the city and of the sea the entire way.  We also saw the pools used for the Olympics in 1992.  At the top there was Montjuïc Castle and it was even free to get in.  That was pretty much the highest point on the mountain and the views were great.  Walking back down really got to our legs and feet after walking 10s of kilometers each day, this finally tired us out.  We ended up chillin' at the hostel until it was time to catch out flight back home.

This was the first time I ever stayed at a hostel (mainly because they don't exist in the US) and it was great.  It was so cheap and right in the middle of everything.  I really like this form of travel.

Barcelona was a fun time and now that's one more city/country that I've visited in Europe!  :-)

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