Sunday, April 25, 2010

It got Warm...Finally!

I didn't have to wear a jacket all weekend it was really nice.  Saturday was great, the sun was out all day and it was pretty warm.  I took the opportunity to walk around Haarlem to acclimate myself better.  I walked all around, went into the shops, and just marveled at the way things work here.  Everyone walks in to the center to do their shopping either by foot or by bike.  There are open markets, super markets, stores with everything you'd need and then some.  Everything here is so fresh and the smells coming from the markets and the bakeries is amazing.  I can't wait until my kitchen stuff comes so I can buy some of this stuff and actually cook!  The canals here are beautiful and so are the streets, the parks, and just about everything else.

Here is a small park that is a three minute walk from my apartment:

Nice and relaxing:

Watching all of these people on their boats made me really envious.  Kris was talking about buying a boat and now after seeing how cool it would be to get one, I told him I would go in on buying a boat with him.  I really want one now.

Today I took the train to Amsterdam, I guess it was about a fifteen minute ride there form Haarlem Central Station to Amsterdam Central Station.  I live about a 10-15 minute walk from Haarlem Central, so not too bad.  When I got to Amsterdam, I wanted to look for the book called The Undutchables, but nowhere has the new edition published last month yet.  I walked around in and looked in a bunch of stores but did not buy anything.  When I got to The Dam, there were having a similar carnival to the one that is still going on in Haarlem, only bigger:

The other reason I wanted to go to Amsterdam today was to check out Vondelpark.  It is a great old European park with huge lawns, lakes, caf├ęs and tons of people laying on their blankets, playing music on their guitars, having picnics, drinking wine, and smoking weed.  It really seams like I nice place to just go and hang out for the day.  I really think I am going to like living here.
After wandering around town a little longer, I headed back to the train station because my feet and back were killing me at that point.

Tomorrow the cold comes back,  only a high of 14 and rain...

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