Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm "Home"

I use the quote marks because can I really call Holland "home" yet? and because I am currently staying at the Van der Valk Haarlem Zuid hotel for about a month until my shipment arrives from the US.

My trip here was uneventful, thank God for once!  Now I know why it was so expensive to fly here this time.  The plane was pretty empty.  I guess KLM wanted to make up for that by charging everyone extra.  The nice thing was that I had a whole row to myself and was able to lay down and get some sleep during the flight.

My hotel is decent, but I hate how European hotels charge extra for everything!  For example, it costs:
  • €9,95 per day for the Internet
  • €3,00 to use the pool
  • €7,50 to use the gym
Not cool.
Today I had a busy day with my relocation agent.  We registered with a doctor by my apartment, checked in to my apartment and met the landlord, registered with a dentist, registered with the town hall in Haarlem, and tried to registered with a pharmacy.  Finally after all that, she brought me to work for my first day as a PPG Europe employee.

Now I'm back at the hotel...this hotel living is really starting to get old.  I would much rather just live in my apartment.  Too bad my shipment is not coming until the beginning of May!

More to come soon, I have much to take care of such as buying a car, buying all of my plug-in stuff such as a washer, dryer, espresso maker, etc.  Should be a fun next month or so!  Stay tuned.  :-)


Brad said...

Holy crap, are you going to buy an awesome europe-only car!?

Nick said...

I hope so!