Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Good Weekend

This weekend was pretty good.  I think I'm starting to get used to things here, for example, I remembered to have food on hand today since grocery stores don't open till 4.

Friday Jeroen gave Kris and I his Makro card to go shopping.  He said there were good deal on washers and dryers.  Wow, they really were, I got a washer and a dryer for €296 each and a nice TV for around €450.  We also split a case of Red Bull!  I was glad to get to use the card.  Brought them back to the apartment, had some pizza and beer with Kris and called it a nice.  The pizza was really good.

Saturday we went back to Makro in the morning, but I did not buy anything this time.  Kris dropped me off in the Center of Haarlem and I walked around for a while.  They were having a carnival in the square by the old church were the market was the previous week.  I went into some store to look for some European clothes but didn't really find anything I wanted.  On the way back to my apartment I passed by a second hand store and bought a cool ceiling light for in my kitchen for only €4!  I am going to have to go back to that place!
When I got to my apartment I decided to setup the washer, dryer, and TV.  The washer was a real pain in the ass, you had to take the whole thing apart just to remove these for plastic things that keeps the drum from moving during shipping.  It was really hard to figure out what the hell I was doing since non of the directions were in English!  I finally figured it out then put it back together.  Luckily the dryer was easier although it did not fit under the counter.  I stopped by Kris's to get a screwdriver and a cable and came back to take the counter apart so I could fit the dryer, and put together the TV and hook it up.  When I got back to Kris's we decided to order Thai food and while I was waiting, I hopped on his WiFi to make some Skype  calls since the Internet in the hotel sucks and it's not even worth it to try to call people on it.  After dinner we had a few beers.

Today, I decided I wanted to rent a bike, I got one from the hotel this morning and road to the beach.  Wow, there were a lot of great houses on the way.  The beach itself looked pretty nice too.  They had fresh seafood everywhere.  I didn't actually go on the beach though...a little cold for that.  The town where the beach is at is called Zandvoort.  It was a great little town with a bunch of shops and caf├ęs.  I'm looking forward to going there and spending the day soon.  After that, I went back to my apartment.  I was so mad that Haarlem IKEA was closed today.  I was going to buy a bed and some towels and be done with this stupid hotel.  Maybe I can go some night this week.  They actually stay open until 9 every night!  What a concept!
Later, I took the bike back to the hotel and picked up some dirty T-shirts since I am getting low on them to wash in my new washer and dryer.   I stopped at the Albert Hijn by my apartment and was glad to see that it is a pretty nice store.  I got some laundry stuff and some dinner and brought it back with me.  You should have seen all the people waiting in from to get in when they opened at 4:

Laundry took a little while because these European washers and dryers take about 2 hours each.  That's okay, it won't be bad when I'm actually living there.  I'm just excited to have my own washer and dryer for the first time in my life.  It was dark when I left, but I was glad to see that some of the lights in my apartment that I thought were going to be way too dim seem just fine once it's dark.  Luckily I won't have to replace those now.

That's pretty much it for the weekend.  Looking forward to what next week has in store.

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