Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter by Myself

Well, today was the first holiday I spent without my family.  There was no Easter candy or Easter dinner, just me on my own.  Today was the first day that I got to sleep in since I got here so that was nice.  When I got up it was lunch time so I had a sandwich out of my fridge that Kris lent me while I’m staying in this hotel.  It was really nice to have food readily available.  It is still cold and gray here but I decided to take a walk over to my apartment anyway.  The walk took about a ½ hour, but I did not mind since I am going crazy not belonging to a gym yet here.  Once I got there, I realized this was the first time that I was at the place on my own.  I decided to really check the place out.  A couple things that I realized:
  • I’m not sure if my dresser is going to fit anywhere accept in my living room!
  • I have no idea how to work the oven; I can’t even get the thing to turn on!
    • It is an older oven and has one of those old-fashion analog clocks on it which you can hear through most of the apartment even though the time on the clock never changes!
  • I have no idea how the dishwasher works.  At least I can turn it on but it does not fill up with water.
  • There is a random washing machine in the hallway outside of my apartment hidden in a makeshift wooden box.  I wander if I’m allowed to use it.
I probably stayed in the apartment for an hour or two trying to figure out where I wanted to put everything once I comes.  Then I got hungry and decided that I wanted more than a sandwich back at the hotel.  I walked into the Center of Haarlem (not a long walk at all from my apartment…cool!) and figured most places would be closed because it was Easter.  The first place I saw that was open was McDonald’s.  Usually I would say no way, but I was hungry and figured nothing else would be open so I had my Easter dinner there with a bunch of bums and twelve year old smokers.  One my way back to the hotel I saw that there were other places to eat that were open, oh well, at least I will know for next time.

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