Monday, March 15, 2010

What a Day

Yesterday I flew from Amsterdam to JFK in New York, the entire fight was fine (I really like KLM, did you know they have free wine and beer in economy?) until we got to New York.  We circled around the airport four or five times before trying to land and it took us three tries to actually land.  NYC was having some crazy wind up to 75 mph according to the news later that night.  Of course my flight to Pittsburgh was cancelled.  I waited in line at Delta and they told me my next possible trip to Pittsburgh was the 16th at 10 AM.  This was Saturday evening and I was not going to be able to get home until Tuesday!  I decided I would rent a car because waiting 3 days is a little ridiculous.  All of the rental car places were sold out.  Later I found out all of the JFK hotels were sold out too.  Throughout this entire process people at the airport were sending me all over the place.  JFK, seriously has to be the worst (even more so than Philly) airport I've ever been to.  Nothing is easy to find or all!  I called American Express Business Travel (the company who organizes PPG's travel) and they were able to get me a Holiday Inn room at LaGuardia Airport.  After arriving at the hotel, I just wanted to have diner and go to bed.  Well everyone was trying to eat since the hotel was packed so I had to wait.  Not that big of a deal.  I went back to the room and tried to call Delta to see if they could possibly get me a flight from LaGuardia to Pittsburgh and stayed on hold for 2 hours and then decided to give up.  All the while I was looking up rental cars and all were sold out.  I finally found one at Hertz so I hurried up and reserved it just in case I could not get a flight.  Then I went to bed!

This morning I called Delta again and stayed on hold for 20 minutes until AT&T decided to drop my call.  I decided I had enough with Delta so I took the airport shuttle to the airport to see if I could talk to someone there.  Once I got there, the line was absolutely crazy.  I would have waited for at least two hours and I did not want to invest that kind of time when I figured they were just going to tell me too bad.  I made my way to Hertz and got my car.  One problem, the woman there said they do not rent GPSs for one way travel!  Oh shit!  I was like ...okay...  I got in the car and got directions from my iPhone (thank God I have one) and was presented with the following:
Okay, this was going to be fun driving through New York City trying to navigate while holding my phone which is illegal in New York and New Jersey.  Not to mention the fact that the iPhone does not automatically give you the next direction and does not compensate if you miss a turn or go the wrong way.  I figured I was fucked.  To my surprise it did not go all that bad.  I got a little nervous as I was reading and driving along when the phone told me to cross the bridge into Manhattan.  I did not want to have to deal with driving there when I had no idea where I was.  I ended up finding the Holland Tunnel with no problems!  The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful, just a whole bunch of middle of nowhere Pennsylvania.  It was nice to finally get home except I still had to go bring the rental car back to the airport so I could get my car that was parked there.

I'm can't remember the last time I flew where I did not have some kind of issue.  Flying is highly over-rated.  I wish they had high-speed trains that whet everywhere including one on a bridge from the US to Europe!  Haha.

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Brad said...

Flying is a huge pain, but you seem to have particularly bad luck. It's good that you made it home safely. Good luck with the move!