Sunday, March 7, 2010

The weekend as a Tourist

This weekend was my first time in Holland where I did not have anything work or relocation related to do.  I was able to pretty much do whatever I wanted.  Friday night I had dinner at a Greek place.  Apparently gyros here do not refer to the pita sandwich that it is in the US.  Here it is just the meet with some cucumber sauce on the side and some vegetables.  It was still good though.  After that had one beer at a bar and called it a night.  I didn't want to do anything too major because we were going to Hed Kandi on Saturday.

Saturday I woke up and took a walk around to some of the shops.  I also walked over to the library because I heard it has some of the best views of Amsterdam.  There were right, the views were pretty nice.  I wish the outside part was open though so I could have gotten better pictures:
 The library itself was pretty amazing.  Very modern and huge.  I really liked the design of the place.  I thought the Carnegie Library in Oakland was awesome, well this place is just as cool only in a modern way instead of an old fashion way.
Later I took a nap to rest up for a long night.  The Hed Kandi party was from 22:00 till 07:00!  I met up with some people at Erik's apartment and did a little pre-gaming and then took the bus to the Heineken Music Hall were the Hed Kandi party was.  The party was pretty fun except I was being lame and not really drinking because I had a huge headache and was not feeling well in general.  At about 3 or 4 in the morning I still had a headache and I think the time change was catching up to me (Amsterdam is six hours ahead of Pittsburgh.)  I decided I had to get a night bus home.  It sucked that I wasn't feeling good for my first real night out in Amsterdam, but there should be many more opportunities to redeem myself.  I did have a good time though.

Today I did not wake up until 14:00 and stayed in bed until about 14:30 I was that tired.  I walked around a little more today and finally bought myself an OV-chipkaart which makes public transport much easier than cash.  I had dinner at a Thai restaurant that was pretty good.

This week I will be working in Uithoorn for the most part, but also doing some more relocation things here in Amsterdam and maybe in Haarlem as well.

On a sad note, I decided that I want to sell my car.  It is just not practical to keep a car in the US that I still have two years to pay on and therefore must keep full insurance on.  I will miss my car...  Anyone want to buy a 2007 red mustang convertible with black top in perfect condition, please let me know ASAP.

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