Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Second Trip, First Day

I am on my second trip to Holland after deciding that I want to move here.  This time I should hopefully find a place to live.  I am supposed to be going around with a relocation agent all day on Friday.

This time over, I took Delta to JFK (I did not like that airport at all) then took KLM to Amsterdam.  KLM has good food, great service, and flight attendants that seem to really like their job which made the flight pretty nice.  I met a woman from Sweden who sat next to me.  She had a similar accent to a Dutch person and that's what I thought she was at first.

When I got to the airport I needed to take a train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Central Station.  It was a little harder to figure out than when I got the train Italy a few years ago, but it wasn't too bad and I made it to Central Station just fine.  From there I walked to my hotel (Die Port van Cleve) which is right next to Dam Square.  I must say, this hotel is much nicer than the Best Western in Uithoorn!  It is right by everything, and I like the room.  My room is on the 5th floor which I like better than being on floor 0 (Dutch version of first floor, really I am on the 6th here.)  This way, I at least get some exercise.  This hotel was actually the first Heineken brewery and the first bar in Amsterdam to allow women.  And, as an added bonus, the hotel has a shower that is not mounted right in the middle, it is at the end of the tub.

I walked around for a little bit and found a lot of cool stores that I want to go back and check out when I have more energy.  Also there is this mall type place right next to my hotel, I like the inside.

For Dinner tonight, I had one of the best salads I've had in a long time, I was chicken, feta, and fresh mango.  Never would have thought of that combination but it worked.  That's about it for now.  I'm tired tonight, long trip into the office tomorrow from here (that's the only bad thing about staying in Amsterdam as apposed to Uithoorn.)

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