Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Genroku: a cool All-You-Can-Eat experience

Tonight I had dinner at this all you can eat Japanese restaurant called Genroku.  This was a little different that American all you can eat restaurants because it was not a buffet.  No gross food that everyone breaths on that is sitting under heat lamps for hours that is served in cafeteria style trays  with gross sticky spoons to scoop it out with.  Here is how it worked:
There is a menu with a bunch of different pictures on it with a brief description and a card with all the numbers from the pictures on it and a pen.  There are five rounds and during each round, each person at the table can order five items.
I went for three whole rounds and one final round where I just had green tea ice cream.  The food was pretty good.  Each item that you order was freshly prepared when you ordered it.  The food came out as it was ready so you did not get all five items at one time.  After you finish your five items you may order your next round of five items.  This was a really cool concept I thought and would really like to go with a bunch of people and have everyone share with each other.  Who wants to go when they come visit?

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