Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crazy European Busses

I went in to work today since I don't start with my relocation agent until tomorrow.  I was supposed to be in Uithoorn by 09:00 but I did not make it on time.  I left my hotel around 07:15 giving myself plenty of time.  I was going to have breakfast first, but I thought that would find the bus stop first.  I knew the 170 and the 142 were supposed to be right be the hotel.  My iPhone kept trying to tell me it was the tram station right in front of the hotel.  I didn't think that was it since I only saw trams coming and going.  I looked around some more and could not find it.  I returned to the tram station and waited just in case, no buses.  I walked around in a couple other directions and still could not find the bus stop.  It was getting late and I was getting pissed.  Finally I decided to just take a bus from Central Station, so I walked up to there and luckily was able to get a 170 at about 08:00.  Shortly after I got on, the bus passed right by my hotel!!!  WTF?  The bus passed by on the opposite side that the shelters were facing so I never even thought to look on that side of the road.  Damn it!  At least I will know from now on.

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