Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Wonder Land!

State of Emergency!!!

Today Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and much of the region and east cost have been declared states of emergencies.  It snowed like crazy last night into early this afternoon.  It just stopped here in Squirrel Hill not too long ago.  They said on the news that it only snows this much once every 15 years.  My flight to Amsterdam of course got cancelled today and rescheduled for tomorrow.  When I woke up this morning, I could not resist the temptation to go out and document all of this craziness.  The picture above is my street.  Here is an album of all the pictures I took:

Winter Storm '10

When I first walked out my door, I was a little overwhelmed I could not even tell where the steps were.  The snow was almost up to my knees!  Here is a video:

The snow is up past the tires on my car.  When I looked at my driveway which has a pretty steep slope down to the garage, it looked like it was almost level with the ground.  It took me a little while to make it out of my street, but when I got to Wightman, it was a little better.  Everyone was walking down the middle of the streets because there were no cars and you could not even see the sidewalks.  I decided to go try to get some breakfast and see what all was open.  I ended up eating at Dozen while talking to the person who worked there.  Everyone out today was really friendly.  Everyone was saying good morning to each other and talking.  When I was done with breakfast I starting walking back and saw a cross-country sking, skiing down Murray!  It was a pretty strange sight.  On my way back, there was this crazy woman trying to drive down Hobart.  She was sliding all over the place and slamming on her horn at the people walking on the street.  It is people like her who are the ones that cause accidents in her big ol' SUV.  One guy punched her window as she drove past.  She deserved it though, she was being a real bitch.

Instead of going home. I decided to check out Schenley was beautiful.  Here is a video:

After walking through the park, I decided it was time to come home.  I was getting pretty cold.

Let me know what you think of the pictures.  Did anyone else get a lot of snow?  If so please share your pictures.

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Brad said...

Schenley Park looks great. It's wild you guys got so much snow. Good luck with your flight tomorrow!