Sunday, February 7, 2010

Getting to the Airport

What an experience it was to get to the airport today!  Here is everything I tried:
  1. Drive as usual.
    1. My car and street is totally covered in two feet of snow.
  2. Take a taxi
    1. I was going to get one early just in case because of all the snow.  I called around 1.  The message said that taxis are delayed five to seven hours!  I stayed on hold for about a 1/2 hour then decided I better just take the bus.
  3. I had to walk down to Forbes with all my bags on sidewalks that for the most part were not shoveled.  I had snow all up my pants and in my shoes.  Luckily there was a 61A when I got there.  I rode it in to Oakland and got off at Craig to catch a 28X.
    1. I waited for about a 1/2 hour and no 28X.  I asked the driver of the 61B if the 28Xs were still coming.  She said they were not in service at all!  I'm so glad that the port authority's website said they were in service today!  WTF?
  4. I took that 61B Downtown to the William Penn.  I figured that there are always taxis lined up at that hotel.
    1. I was in luck!  There was a taxi there that was able to take me to the airport.
I am sitting here waiting to fly to Philly right now.  You would not believe the roads, even roads like Fifth and Forbes were not touched!  The parkway was good for the most part, but there were sections that were still pretty bad.  It didn't get really good until 376 turns into 60.

Let's hope the rest of this trip to Philly them on to Amsterdam works out okay...

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