Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflections from 2009

What a year!  This post is going to be a year in review.  One thing I'd also like to note here is that I think I did a good job in keeping my New Year's resolution from last year which was to post to my blog more regularly.

Well let's see, the year started out with me starting out my capstone project at CMU.  It was the beginning of the end of grad school and I was excited to get started on the project.  I got to meet my team of Paul, Varnali, ZQ, and Anne and we named ourselves team SoLearn.  Work continued throughout the spring semester on the project while we compiled a lot of research.

In February the Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl bringing craziness to the city once again.  Amanda and I took to the streets of the Southside (after driving in from Monroeville!) to partake in the festivities.

Throughout the winter and most of the spring, Shawn and I were able to keep up with our 5-6 day a week workout schedule at Trees.  I never would have expected us to last as long as we did, going to the gym that many times when we started back in the fall of '08.  The only thing that really stopped us was him moving away.  Even though I still go to the gym often I miss having someone to go with and push me further that I push myself.

In March I got to take a trip to Raleigh for BlackBerry server training.  It was nice to finally be formally trained in BES after supporting it for so long.
Also in March, I took a professional writing class with Ed Barr that I really enjoyed and use every day at work.  I think it may have been on of the most valuable classes I took at CMU.

I turned 25 in April.  Wow, I'm already done with a whole quarter of my life!

In May, I went to Sara's wedding in Vegas.  Man, there were a lot of weddings I went to this year, Sara's, Jess's, Jen's...pretty soon I will be the only one not married.
Then I had my fake graduation at CMU where I "walked" but was far from done.  The only thing that was done were classes, I now had to leave PPG for the summer and work on my class project full-time.  That was quite a change from what I am used to for sure.

Then in June, I got to go to one of the Stanley Cup Playoff games in Detroit with Adam!  Even though the Pen's did horrible that game it was still a fun trip and the ended up winning the cup anyway when it was all said and done.

Sometime in early summer, Shawn moved away from Pittsburgh and I lost one of my only good friends left in the city.  I was at a loss for a while since he was the person I usually hung out with on weekends.  I did make some trips to the great state of Ohio to see him though.

Finally in August I finished my capstone project and officially graduated from CMU!!  It got pretty ugly at the end which I never did fully explain in this blog, but just know I was really glad that project was over.  I then returned to work full time.  It was great being back at work.  I missed being somewhere where my work was truly valued.  It was amazing to me how fast I got back in to the swing of things and being a "real person" again.  I joined my first public gym (Gold's) and am still really liking it so far since it is right next to my work.

In September I joined a kickball team through PSL.  I had a lot of fun and was glad that I got to meet a lot of cool new people.

Did some traveling in November, first to Florida for Jess's wedding, then to the Netherlands and England for business.  It was a crazy week but I enjoyed it.

Finally, I got to go to Las Vegas for New Years Eve.  I bought the plane ticket Tuesday night at 9PM and was on the plane the next morning at 7:30AM!

Overall, it was a good year.  I am glad I finally completed my degree at CMU and am looking forward to new challenges that I know are coming in 2010.

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