Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Parking Story

Today I was in Breugger's in Squirrel Hill on Murray.  My car was parked right out front.  When I went to get into my car, there was a car double parked right in front of mine with it's blinkers on and the owner nowhere to be found.  All of the other cars on the street trying to drive were pretty pissed off as was I since I could not get out.  I was beeping my horn and standing outside trying to find the owner of this car and thinking about how stupid you would have to be to double park on Murray in the middle of the day.

Finally some guy comes out of Breugger's and was like "Oh, are you trying to leave?"  I of course was like "Ya..."  So the guys says sorry, gets in his car and still just sits there.  I was like WTF?  The cars driving down he road are all still pissed off because it is very hard for them to get around.  Next (when there were car coming) the guy starts backing up into the traffic trying to go straight.  Believe it or not, this guy was now going to try to take my parking space.  The guy behind him was furious, there was a green light and the double parker was now trying to go backwards!  I'm just sitting there in my car not believing my eyes.  Some how the guy manages to backup far enough to let me out and then he took my space.

Wow, some people really have some balls!  I couldn't imaging double parking on Murray and going into a restaurant like it was no big deal then being a total ass and backing up down the street while there are other cars trying to go forward who are already pissed off at you for being double parked.

I wander if anyone did anything to that guy's car after he parked.

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