Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pittsburgh Winters = Boring

Well here we are right in the middle of my absolute least favorite season...winter.  I hate it, it's cold, it's snowy, and there is absolutely NOTHING to do!  By the time I get home from work and eat dinner, it is already dark and is so cold outside that I don't even feel like leaving.  Even if I did feel the urge to leave my apartment there would not be anything for me to do...you can only go to the mall, Target, and the library so many times.  Coffee shops are sometimes a nice alternative but then I never want to walk there because of the cold so I have to find my car on the street and then there is usually a pile of snow a foot high that I have to dig off of it, and by that time I'm just ready to go back home.

This is really my first winter as a "real person."  The first winter after graduating from college I worked shifts on the helpdesk so I was not at home night after night, sometimes I had to work.  The last two winters I was in school at CMU and every night was consumed with group meetings that lasted the entire night...there was never a chance for me to be board (not that I miss group meetings, because I do not at all!!)  Now that I have nothing else to do, winter nights are just long, boring, and depressing.

I never really get this feeling in the summer...there is so much to do here then.  It is light and warm until 8 or 9 then and I can go for walks, a bike ride, go to the park, read on the porch, get some ice cream, etc. there is always something I can think of to do then, I never want to be in the house.  I long for those activities in the winter time and it just kills me that its going to be at least 2 or 3 more months of this!

In other news, I recently saw from BBC that the entire UK and Ireland are covered in snow, look at this picture!
That is just crazy!  Oh spring, please come fast!

Here's hoping for a fast winter.

PS.  If anyone has any good ideas for things to do on these lonely winter nights, please comment!!  It will be much appreciated for this newbie to lonely winter nights.

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Anonymous said...

You need a girlfriend! Long cold winter nights are the BEST with someone you love or even just like. Making dinner, watching a movie or walking to the local bar is so much better when you have someone to do it with. I agree spring/summer/fall are the best times of year in Pittsburgh, but we all winter will rear its ugly head at some point and you just have to know how to make the best of it.