Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First Dinner Club Event

Big Jim's
(in the Run)

Tonight was the first meeting of our kickball dinner club.  Originally we were going to go to piccolo FoRNO in Lawrenceville but they could not accommodate our large group since they already had another for tonight.  Instead we changed gears completely and ate at a place I never heard of called Big Jim's.  It was down in the run in the Greenfield/Hazelwood area below Schenley Park, so not all that far from where I live.  I would never have guessed that there was even a restaurant down there!  I was excited to try it out though because I found out it was on Diners Dive-ins and Dives:

It does not look like much at all from the outside.  I probably would never even though about going in to this place if I was just passing by.  Here it is on Google Maps:

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Erin and I got there first and sat down at the bar to have a drink.  The inside was nothing special, but then we started to see the food some out.  It looked really good (and not to mention huge!)  After everyone got there we sat at our table and ordered food.  It was nice to get to see the kickball people again.  It's been a while, and they are a cool group.

When the food came, it was pretty good.  Everyone seemed to like what they got.  Mine came out way after everyone else's, go figure.  I had a pepperoni pizza with hot peppers.  Not the best pizza I ever had but was pretty good.

When I got home, I told my mom where I ate and she said "O my God, in Greenfield?  We used to eat there all the time with Tony and Vicky (There old friends.)"  And apparently I was even in there with them a few times when I was younger!  I can't believe they knew were this place was and that I was there before...crazy!

Next month's dinner club is on February 15.  Looking forward to it.

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