Saturday, December 12, 2009

Do You Believe?

I know I slammed Macy*s the other day saying that the windows they put up at Christmas are not as good as Kaufmann's were, but today they did something that I though was pretty cool.  As I was walking down the street and passing by the corner or 5th and Smithfield, I was handed a newspaper by these people dressed up like late 19th century newspaper boys (and girls) and the handed me a copy of "The New York Sun."  Actually, it was a marketing handout which reprinted the "YES, VIRGINIA THERE IS A SANTA CLAUSE" article:

The cool thing was, Macy*s was sponsoring a "National Believe Day."  The article titled "Today is Believe Day: give someone a reason to Believe and you might receive a bonus!" reads as follows:

This holiday, demonstrate that you believe in what the season's all about by lending a helping hand to someone you don't know.  If one of our Believe street teams catches you in the act, you could receive a $25 Believe Bonus from Macy's as your reward for doing a good deed.

I thought this was a cool way to tie into their "Believe" marketing campaign this year.  Although the newspaper I received had a huge advertisement in it for a Macy*s sponsored CBS special tonight and I am sure Macy*s in only doing this to make money, I still think it's a cool thing to do at Christmas time to encourage the Christmas spirit.  In case you are not familiar with the Virginia New York Sun story, here is the article from the paper printed in 1897 from Wikipedia.

Nice story, cool marketing campaign, okay windows (do a better job next year ;-) )

Merry Christmas and Do YOU believe?  I do.

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