Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Today I decided to buy my Christmas tree and finish putting up the decorations.  This is probably the worst picture you can get from the outside but here it is anyway:

Looks pretty similar to other years except that the tree is a little shorter.  It is only about six foot.  Usually I have one around 7 or 7.5 feet.  O well, it doesn't look terrible.

I also got my Treasures for Children (like Toys for Tots) presents today.  The 2 year old girl got a baby doll and the 5 year old boy got a build a truck thing.  Should be nice gifts for the kids.  Although I never get to see them open the presents, I feel like these are the most important gifts I buy every year.  I had some great Christmases growing up and although the gifts are small, I really hope that they can bring a smile to a child and parent's face on Christmas morning.
Over the years, I really started to like giving presents more than receiving.  Seriously.  I spend so much (too much) time trying to find the perfect gift that really shows I care instead of just buying something like a gift card.  Sometimes I am successful, sometime I am not, but I feel like it is worth it when I do finally find that perfect gift.  This reminds me...I should start shopping for the people I know soon!  As for me, I never really know what to ask for anymore.  I really have everything that I need.  I still like surprises and don't really like to tell people exactly what to get me.  There is something special about someone buying you something that you love that they picked out just for you.

Anyway, those are my thoughts on Christmas gifts, and if anyone is wandering, you can get me a new iMac for Christmas this year!  That is one gift that would be awesome to get.  ;-)

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