Monday, November 16, 2009

PPG Uithoorn and Amsterdam

The first part of my trip to Europe was in the Netherlands.  We got to Schiphol airport around 7 AM and from there we took a cab straight to the office in Uithoorn (a suburb of Amsterdam.)  From there we worked a full day at the office.  The people there all were pretty cool and everyone in IT was pretty young (or at least the ones I met.)  The best part about the office was they have free espresso all day long!!  Of course I took advantage of that a lot.  We worked a full day and Jeroen, my new manager, drove Jason and I to our hotel.  The hotel was not that great but we were only staying there for one night.  We were not going to meet for dinner until 6 so I took a little walk and did not find much and it started to rain so I headed back to the hotel and took a 20 minute nap.  Kavin and Erik picked Jason and I up for dinner and we ate at an old train station.  We had this chicken that was awesome!  It was my favorite meal of the trip by far!  After that Kavin and I went into Amsterdam.  We did not have much time since it was about 8 when we got there and had to work the next day, but I did get to see some of the city on the bus and we walked around the Red Light District.  I was surprised that they had so many casinos, but when you think about it, it makes sense that they do.  There were plenty of hot girls in the windows but there were also some old and some fat ones.  It was kinda sad to see the old men that were going in to have sex with these young girls.  We stopped by a coffee shop before we caught a bus back to the hotel. Apparently they do not heat their busses!  When I got back, I passed out, I was awake for about 35 hours!!

The next day I had another full day of work then Jason and I headed to the airport with Jeroen to go to the UK for the second part of our trip.  Some how American Express Business Travel messed up and got Jason and I first class and our manager was in coach!  The dinner and the free beer was good though :-)

More on the UK in my next post.

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Brad said...

Sara Kiesler hates a fatty. Glad you're having fun in Europe!