Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pitt Ticket Office

The Pitt Ticket Office pisses me off.  Pitt is always catering to their rich old alumni.  I called the ticket office to see if they had tickets to the last Pitt-Duquesne game at the Civic Arena, and they did.  I told them that I would stop by to by them because I did not what to pay the $15 charge for the "convenience" of buying them over the phone or online.  First of all, that is a bullshit charge but that is not the reason for this post.  I get to the ticket office and say I want to buy two tickets to that game.  The girl asks me "Are you a student?" I say no, then she asks, "Are you a basketball season ticket holder?" I say no, Then she asks me if I am a member of some other thing, I say no, finally she asks, "Are you a football season ticket holder?"  I said no.  Then she said o, I'm sorry, you are going to have to go to Duquesne to buy your tickets.  I was like WTF!!??  She said we only get so many tickets and we need to make sure there is enough for all of our season ticket holders (AKA, rich old people.)  I said well I called and told the person on the phone that I was going to come in and I made a special trip here.  The girl was like, who did you talk to?  I had no idea.  Then she asked me, "Are you an alumni?  Finally a question I could say yes to!!  I said yes.  Then she said well, let me go ask if I can sell them to you.  I was pissed at this point because I figured they were just going to give me some BS answer about not being able to buy them.  Luckily when she came back she ended up selling them to me.  It should not be that hard for a fan to buy a ticket to watch a game whenever they are willing to pay money for tickets that are available.  This kind of shit pisses me off and Pitt is notorious for doing shit like this.  Stop catering to these stupid old people, I am just as much of a Pitt fan than them.  WTF Pitt?

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