Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Not cool..."

True story about Priority Club Rewards hotel points program (Holiday Inn's loyalty program.)

I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Leeds/Bradford when I was in the UK a couple weeks ago.  I forgot to sign up for the membership program before I went so I decided to sign up after the fact when I got home.  (I did this before with other airlines/hotels with no problem.)

After I signed up for Rewards Club and turned in my stay, I got the following response:
Priority Club credit can only be issued if your enrollment date is during or prior to your stay. Our records show that your account was opened on 18 November 2009. As the stay in question was prior to this date, we are unfortunately unable to award credit to your account.
To which I replied:
not cool...
The very next day, I got another email from them stating:
As a courtesy, we have made a one-time exception to the retroactive credit rule and have issued points for the stay in question. The adjustment should be available for immediate viewing in your online account
How crazy is that?  All I had to say was "not cool..." (which was literally all I wrote in the email) and I got credit for my stay.   Goes to show you that corporate policy can be broken without even trying very hard.  It also shows that Holiday Inn is sensitive about being called un-cool, when I called them out on it, they immediately reversed their decision ;-)

Either way, thanks Holiday Inn!  :-)

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