Thursday, November 5, 2009

iSchool Networking Dinner

Tonight I was invited by Pitt with some other alumni to have dinner with some undergrads in the School of Information Sciences at Pitt (apparently they are now calling it the iSchool.)  Bob Perkoski my old teacher and chair of the undergraduate program along with the director of constituent relations was also there.  We met for dinner at Joe Mamas in Oakland.  I used to hate this place, but the pesto gnocchi I had were pretty good.  Some of the other people there were working for companies like Google, Del Monte, and Universal SmartComp.  The idea was just to have the alums talk to the undergrads about working and let the undergrads ask questions.  I also found out some things about the program like how well some people are doing and the vast amounts of different kinds of jobs people are getting with a BSIS degree.  Apparently one of our grads is now an insanely famous singer in Japan!  His name is Jero.  Interesting... Overall, I had a good time and was glad that I got asked to participate in this.

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