Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Highlights

Friday I got an email from Information Sciences at Pitt!  They asked me to take three undergrads and three recent grads to lunch since I work for a "prominent Pittsburgh company."  The idea is to have a frank discussion about working in the real world I guess.  Sounded cool so I said I would do it.  Look forward to meeting these peopel.  O, and Alco is sponcering the lunch so I don't have to pay.  Later that night, I met up with some people from work at Carson City to surprise Amanda for her 30th birthday.  It was a fun time, I just wish I didn't have to drive so I could have drank as much as everyone else, o well not that bog of a deal.  Everyone left by 12 but I stuck around to meet Erin soon after since she was just getting off from the arena.  We hung out there for a while and then came back here.  She stayed over because she had to be in Shadyside at 6:45 for some fund raiser.

Saturday was not very eventful except for some news that I got.  Unfortunately the news must remain a secret for now.

Sunday I met Shawn at Heinz Field to tailgate with him and some of his family.  I could not believe there was almost no traffic getting over there.  I parked at the casino.  They were charging $20 since it was a Steelers game day but since I had a Player's Club card, it was complimentary. :-)  Last night was the last time I will see Shawn before he moves to Vegas.  I wish I had a ticket!  I got home just in time for the game to start.  I am planning on taking a trip to Vegas sometime in mid-January...sould be fun.

Today at work they were setting up the ice-skating rink and Christmas Tree!  So depressing!!!  I hate how early they put that thing up, it totally runins it by the time Christmas actually does come around.

Not much really planned for this week.  Stay tuned to find out if anything exciting happens.

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