Monday, October 12, 2009

PodCamp Pittsburgh 4

This weekend, I went to PodCamp Pittsburgh held at the Art Institute.  Their website defines a PodCamp as follows:

PodCamp Pittsburgh is a FREE community UnConference, run by and for people who create, enjoy, or are interested in learning more about social media.

The event was both Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 4 and best of all, it was totally free!  We even got shirts at the registration table.  There were people there from all over including a few people I heard were from Baltimore.  There were of course a lot of the famous pittsburgh bloggers including PittGirl who I got to see.  I was not so happy that I missed her talk she gave though.  We had breakfast and lunch both days as well. :-)  Saturday started out with Pittsburgh city councilman, Bill Peduto, giving the opening talk.  There were a lot of events to pick and I will include highlights from the events that I went to.  The first session I went to was Finding People, and/or NOT Being Found Online.  It was pretty interesting how much information the speaker was able to find about pretty much anyone.  One cool site where you can lookup information on anyone who did anything wrong in Pennsylvania (including traffic tickets!) was Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System.

Next I went to Selling Social Media to Your Boss.  Here I got a bunch of good ideas on how I can persuade more people at work to allow us to do more social media type stuff.

Lunch was catered by Franktuary which was great as usual.

The final session I went to was Blogging 201: Finding Fodder - So, you've started a blog, Now what?  This was an interesting session given by the writer of The Burgh Baby which gave me some good ideas that I'm going to start to implement in this blog.

Today I only stayed for the morning sessions because I wanted to get back to watch the Steelers game.  The first one I went to was Political Blogging and Constructing a Solid Post.  Although this was geared mostly towards political blogging, I still got some useful information from it.  The session was given by one of the co-authors of 2 political junkies.

Finally I went to Security Awareness: Concerns past, present, and future.  This talk is making me think about some of the information that I have online as well as some of the sites that I visit...

Lunch today was catered by Market District Giant Eagle.  They put out a pretty good spread.

Overall, I enjoyed going to PodCamp and meeting other people like me who like to blog.  Sometimes I feel like there's no one else out there since almost no one else I  Know has a blog.  This provided a nice sense of community.  I am looking forward to attending next year and possibly even joining the committee that organizes the event.


Girl With Camera said...

Great post! I liked the links to other websites. I can't wait to watch "PittGirl's" session via video when she posts it later!

Nick said...

Same here, I haven't found any of the videos online yet but they said they should be up soon. I had to leave early both days.