Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ignorant Bus Riders

People on the bus never cease to amaze me.  They show no respect for other people and have the attitude that "as long as I'm comfortable than who cares about anyone else."  I ride the 67H which is not too crowded compared to the 61 and 71 lines but sometimes people do have to stand and a lot of the time they have to stand unnecessarily.  There is this one guy on our bus who will literally take up two (sometimes three!) seats in the back row of the bus.  He is there every morning and afternoon.  He sits there with his legs spread wide and will not budge if someone tries to sit.  People have to crawl over him if they want to sit in the corner.  I've seen him sit there in his two seats letting other people (including women) stand, all while having an "I don't give a shit look on his face."  The guy is big but he is by no means so large that he has to take two seats, he does this because it is more comfortable for him to take two seats.  The guy even extends his legs out so that the people sitting on the sideways seats in the back have to awkwardly move there legs around him to accommodate his relaxed position.

Another thing that really bothers me is when people have a shopping bag or purse that they think is entitled to its own seat on the bus.  I do not have a problem with people doing this when there are a lot of seats, but when people are walking down the aisle looking for a seat, put your damn bag in your lap and let them sit down.  A similar tactic is when someone sits on the outside seat when no one is sitting in the window seat.  Again, not cool, move your ass over and let someone else sit down.  Who knows, you might actually get to have an interesting conversation with someone.  At the very least,  you are allowing someone to have a more comfortable ride.

The previous people would never make it on a 61 or 71.  Someone would just tell them to move their ass the hell out of the way!

Finally, I hate the people that wait until the bus gets to their stop, then decide they need to ask the person in the aisle seat to move because this is their stop.  Come on, you know when your stop is coming up, have the curtsy to get up a few blocks before so the whole bus is not waiting for you.  Then, the best part is, these people get up to the front, and only then do they start looking for their fair or pass.  They slowly open their purse or dig through their pockets to try and figure out where the money/pass is.  People, you've been sitting on the bus doing nothing, the least you can do is have your fair ready by the time you move to the front of the bus, don't hold the people back that have their pass in hand and are ready to get off the bus.

Finally, I hate the people who feel like thy have to scream into their cell phones in order to have the person on the other end hear them.  I don't mind people talking on the phone on the bus but one thing I can't understand is why people just can't understand that the person they are talking to on the phone will be able to hear them just fine if they talk in their normal voice?

These are my top issues with people riding the bus, what are yours?

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Jaanus said...

In NYC subway, there are people who block the exits. They are not getting off, they are just standing there at the doorway. There are a million people getting off the train and another million getting on, but they must go one by one because sometimes there's a jackass standing on both sides of the doorway, who doesn't have the courtesy to step outside for a second so people could flow faster.

Then there are also homeless stinky people who sleep across four seats on the train. Not only do they take up space but they are generally disgusting. If you need to ride, pick a less crowded time, not peak hour, you got time.