Friday, October 23, 2009

The Haunted Mine

Last night the YPO took a trip to The Haunted Mine at Tour-Ed Mine in Tarentum.  We had a small but good turn out.  It was a good thing that I decided to leave early because that place was not easy to find.  First I typed the address into my GPS and it told me I was there at the middle of some random intersection.  Then I searched for "mine" in the GPS, it found it but pointed me to some dark road that went down into the woods with a No Outlet sign.  Did not look like the kinda place I wanted to go.  So I was sitting on the side of the road cursing myself for not writing down the directions when I saw the name of the road where I needed to be.  I drove there and ended up passing the place!  I turned arround and finally made it there.

Once there w walked through a haunted house that led us down into a mine.  We put on hard hats and rode the mine car down.  We then walked through the mine.  It was dark as hell down there and we could not see anything.  It pretty good over all and not a bad price at $10.

After the mine we went to Primanti's for a drink but then someone in the group decided he need to go to Wal*Mart to get something for his Halloween costume.  We all joined him.  Katie rode with me and Jason decided he needed to jump out of the car he was in at a red light to take a picture of us.  Haha?

We got to Wal*Mart and found the keg tub he needed and went to Shadyside for final drinks from there.  Even though everyone was slamming me for everyone in IT getting to have smart phones it was a fun night.

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Girl With Camera said...

That's in my neck of the woods. The next time you come up, we'll have to grab a beer!