Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Cold Again...

Well today is October 1 and it is already pretty damn cold.  I had to turn my furnace on last night..

The remainder of last week was pretty uneventful even with the end of the G-20 going on.  Last weekend I helped Kara move her stuff back to Cresson, PA (aka middle of nowhere):

It was cold and rainy the whole day.  To get to Cresson, you basically take 22 the whole way.  I never went past the Indiana exit, so that was kinda interesting.  I wish it would have been a nicer day though, my eyes were glued on the road because I could hardly see...mainly because of all the water coming off of the U-Haul that Shawn was driving in front of me.

Kickball was canceled again this week!  Not cool, looks like we will be playing in to November...should be nice and cold for that!

Also, today I found out I won a Sally Wiggin T-Shirt from!  I won because I submitted a video that shows a Terrible Towel relating the the G-20.  How cool is that?  I should get my shirt this weekend sometime.  Watch for a picture :-)

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