Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Colors of Fall...and the Temperatures of Winter!

Recently, an x-Pittsburgher mentioned that she missed seeing the leaves change in fall.  I guess this is something that I usually take for granted.  I was meaning to go out and take some pictures and after seeing her status message it prompted me to finally go out.  Sunday, I took a walk through Schenley Park and Squirrel Hill and took some pictures.  You can see the album here:

Fall in Schenley Park and Squirrel Hill

The colors were awesome.  I always say that I wish it could be summer all year round but after driving around the last couple days and taking in all of the colors, I think I would miss it.  The last two day I had to drive out to two of our suburban locations for work, both of which I had to pass through some wooded areas.  I feel like the trees outside of the city have more color already.  It was just really nice to look at.  Sorry I wasn't able to take any pictures of these.

One thing that sucks though is we are having freezing temperateness.  It is going to be 33 tonight!  We pretty much skipped right over fall temps and went right to winter.  Damn I hate winter...

Enjoy the pictures all of you warm weather people.  I'll try to update the album as the season progresses.


Brad said...

This is great, Nick. Thanks for sharing Pittsburgh fall with us.

Girl With Camera said...

Nice pics! I love the red tips.