Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Steelers and Maryland

Thursday night was the first Steelers (and NFL) game of the season. Me and Erin went to Point State Park to see the free concert where Tim McGraw and the Black Eyed Peas played. Both were pretty good, but I liked the Black Eyed Peas better. The only bad thing about the concert was this group of really annoying girls behind us, the one kept swinging her terrible towel into my head and jumping up and down into Erin. They even had the fountain on for the first time this year:

As we were leaving we saw a big banner on the Hilton:

The next day Erin and I left for Towson Maryland to visit my brother. The ride was pretty good for the most part until two miles before the Baltimore Beltway. We ended up in traffic for an extra 40 minutes or so, that really sucked because I had to pee pretty bad! Once we finally made it there, we headed over to Glory Days for happy hour, then went back to Mike's and hung out before meeting Varsha and Uncle David at The Green Turtle in Columbia. We had a good time there and then went out around Towson after that. I can't believe how few people were in the bars there just because it rained a little bit!
Saturday, Mike took us to this Pennsylvania Dutch market. It was pretty good, but no Green Dragon! haha. They did have this really good "chicken and swiss log" which was chick and cheese wrapped in a soft pretzel. It reminded me of the place I loved on the Boardwalk in Ocean City during senior week. After that we did a little shopping then went back to Mike's to rest. People came over and we pre-gammed there before going to another apartment and pregamming some more for a girl's birthday. Finally, we headed to Baltimore and went to Power Plant Live! Once in there we decided on going to Mex. They played a really good variety of music there. It was a good time.
Sunday, Mike took us to this reservoir and we walked around for a while. I liked this little island:
and Erin found a grasshopper.

After taking a nap we went back home. After getting to Breezwood, we decided to take the scenic route and go back on route 30. I like driving that way even though it takes a little longer, there is more to look at and the drive does not seam as long. That's all that matters to me and since Erin did not care, that is what we did.

It was a fun weekend all around.

Lots to do this week:
  • Day of Caring tomorrow
  • Kickball Wednesday
  • Looking at houses Thursday in:
Squirrel Hill
Observatory Hill
Highland Park
  • The Office also starts on Thursday!
  • Tentative Green Mango on Friday

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